Poll: Reliable Republican Voters Support GOP Action on Climate

Analysis Shows House Conservative Climate Caucus Members Triumphed Handily in 2022 Primary Elections

WASHINGTON, DC – New analysis from the Climate Leadership Council and Americans for Carbon Dividends shows Republican voters support climate action and voted accordingly for House Conservative Climate Caucus members in their 2022 primary elections. The two-part project polled high propensity, reliable Republican voters and examined the outcomes of Caucus members’ races. House Conservative Climate Caucus members amassed a 62-5 win-loss record in their 2022 primary elections, and those who won triumphed by an average margin of 59.3%.

This is in keeping with the poll results that found a majority of reliable Republican voters (54%) – including 71% among voters ages 18 to 34 – believe it’s important for their Member of Congress to work to address climate change. By more than a 3:1 margin, Republican voters want their U.S. Representative to join the Conservative Climate Caucus.

Additional findings from the poll show that Republicans strongly support the climate objectives that congressional Republicans are advancing.

  • 79% agree climate policies should reward more efficient U.S. manufacturers and penalize high carbon polluting imports from countries like Russia and China who make the same products we do but with much more pollution.
  • 76% agree good climate policy should reduce global carbon pollution and help create good paying jobs and economic opportunity, all without growing the federal deficit.
  • 71% agree that private sector innovation, American resources and investments in research and development have resulted in lower emissions and affordable energy, placing the United States as the global leader in reducing emissions.

The poll of 1,000 high propensity, reliable Republican voters was conducted by Moore Information Group from Sept. 16-19, 2022.

“Republican voters want Congress to take action on climate change and develop meaningful climate solutions,” said Erik Iverson, President and Managing Partner of Moore Information Group. “And Republican members of Congress who support climate policies that hold polluters like China accountable, reward more efficient U.S. manufacturers and don’t add to the federal budget deficit are on very solid ground with their base voters.”

“The results of this analysis are crystal clear,” said Steve Rice, Managing Director of Americans for Carbon Dividends. “Republican voters are ready for their Representatives to act to reduce global emissions and support U.S. climate leadership.” 


The Climate Leadership Council works with a broad set of stakeholders to promote the most cost-effective, equitable, and politically-viable climate solutions.

Americans for Carbon Dividends (AFCD) is a national education and advocacy campaign that promotes a bipartisan climate solution where all sides win.