Benefits of Carbon Dividends

Cuts U.S. Carbon Emissions In Half By 2035

If implemented in 2021, our plan would exceed the 2025 U.S. Paris commitment by a wide margin and achieve a 50% U.S. C02 emissions reduction from 2005 levels by 2035, according to the environmental research firm Resources For The Future.  An Environmental Assurance Mechanism would help ensure these emissions reduction targets are met.

Makes The Vast Majority Of Americans Financially Better Off

According to the U.S. Department of the Treasury, the vast majority of American families will receive more in carbon dividends than they pay in increased energy costs.  A family of four would receive approximately $2,000 per year in carbon dividends. This aligns the economic interests of American citizens with climate progress.

Unites All Sides In The Climate Debate

The carbon dividends solution is the only national climate solution that is backed by businesses and environmentalists alike. Multiple national surveys confirm the popularity of our carbon dividends solution across party lines and all demographics. Recent polling from the Luntz Group found 4-1 overall support for our plan and 7-1 support among Republican voters under 40.

Unlocks American Innovation

Economists agree that a carbon fee will encourage clean energy innovation and create demand for low carbon technologies. In exchange for a steadily rising carbon fee, this plan would remove carbon regulations that are no longer necessary. Regulatory streamlining offers businesses the certainty and flexibility they need to innovate and make long-term investments in a low-carbon future.

Grows Our Economy Without Growing Government

A common concern is that solving climate change may be costly, requiring higher taxes and deficits. The carbon dividends plan, by contrast, is revenue-neutral. It would “finance” the transition to a low-carbon economy by incentivizing individual and corporate behavior and by leveraging the extensive resources of the private sector. Ending the cycle of on-again, off-again carbon regulations would  also promote economic growth.

Compels China And India To Act

The carbon dividends plan would put America in the driver’s seat of global climate policy and establish powerful economic incentives to encourage other leading emitters – such as China and India – to follow America’s lead.  Those that do not would face import fees on the carbon content of their exports to the United States.

Protects Future Generations

With a balanced, step-by-step approach, America can solve climate change and protect the health and safety of future generations. Americans will get cleaner air, enhanced national security, more innovation in the economy, and exciting new careers.

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