Carbon tax group launches major ad campaign

A group backing a carbon tax plan is launching a major advertising campaign, promoting its proposal as a bipartisan idea to tackle climate change.

Americans for Carbon Dividends, which wants to tax carbon dioxide emissions at $43 per ton and pay the proceeds to taxpayers as dividends, is spending six figures on the new digital campaign aimed at Congress and its staff.

“Want to get something done on climate change? Carbon dividends is the bipartisan climate solution,” the voice-over in the video says.

“It’s time to end the gridlock in Washington and start solving problems together,” the spot says. “The time is right now.”

When the group was launched in 2018, following on the heels of its sister organization the Climate Leadership Council, AFCD initially focused on convincing Republicans that its carbon dividends plan aligns with GOP values and would be a good alternative to climate change regulations.

But with President Biden in office and Democrats controlling both chambers of Congress, AFCD is trying to broaden the appeal of its plan…